Tips to be effective

Being effective is not difficult. It’s just about having the right tools and also knowing how to use them and last but not least, really using them. There are hardly any shortcuts. It’s about getting things done or not getting them done. Below are a number of tips to effective and thus winning both time and money and in addition to obtaining pleasure in accomplishing something.


Knowing what you want and having a clear picture of how you want the result to look is a good first step.

Create lists and reminders to not forget or postpo

Use your calendar but use it for what the calendar should be used for, nothing else. So only for tasks that are time-bound.

Clear your inboxes. Not just the email inbox, but all the other places you have information on, such as the newspaper basket, the recipe book, the bills, your clothes.

If you create that routine, you save a lot of time not having to look for your things and tasks.

Divide your todo list. Organize it according to your needs. For example, house, leisure, work, buy, contact etc.

There are incredibly good apps with GTD (Get things done) for this purpose.

Do daily follow-ups and weekly schedules. That way you have full focus on what to do and what you missed, yes we actually miss a lot.

Determine what your next step is. It will keep you focused on your journey towards your goal

The art of pomodora. Set your timer to, let’s say 30 minutes and work focused on what to do. Then take a 5-minute break. You then repeat this as many times as you want or as needed to complete your task.

    The benefits of efficiency

    You will experience much less stress in your life and you will feel great satisfaction in getting your tasks done. You will simply be in control of the situation.

    You will realize that you are at the top of the food chain, as no one can criticize you for being lazy or forgetting something you promised.

    Risks of not being effective

    We all have many tasks, which will solve both work and leisure. There is always something that is relevant. If you do not streamline your tasks and organize them properly, you will postpone and forget. You may not always feel the need to do a certain thing and then you end up behind. Many tasks become fire alarm calls, when you have been delayed until the last moment. You are slowly but surely in oblivion with life and the stress is behind the corner and waiting. It is important to have some kind of balance in life

    Your new routines

    1. Gather all information in one place

    2. Process the information continuously

    3. Organize the information according to purpose

    4. Review the information regularly

    5. Do what needs to be done.

    30 days challenge

    Imagine how nice it would be if, when the work week was over, you could tick off the tasks you performed during the week that went by. Imagine if you had done all the things that you normally postponed to the weekend. I think you can imagine this and know that your weekend is yours and you can do what you want to do without feeling guilty. What joy.

    If you want it that way, I hope you take on a challenge.

    I challenge you and myself, of course, to do everything within 30 days to take efficiency to a new level.

    The starting point for this challenge is the same date as you read this post.

    I start mine today 191205

    Hope you win this.


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