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The reason why people feel inadequate many times is that many times they have no goal or a plan to get there. They also do not see the end result and then it can be difficult to get started and get that important done. But before setting goals and plans, it can be good to try to realize what you want. The rest is really simple, as long as you are true to yourself.

Do you recognize this?


Many unfinished things that would have been done a long time ago

Bad more energy to get started


Low or no job satisfaction

Structure.What is it?

Bad conscience for things that have not been done

Will not finish

Experiencing lack of time

Is stressed about your situation

Getting tired quickly

Can’t start up

Not motivated

Do you want it like this instead?


More energy(Energy for work, family and leisure)

More work satisfaction (Imagine how happy your workmates are when you are happy)

Clear on time (Never more postponing)

Reduced bad conscience (You can spend more time feeling good)

Less stress (Imagine being able to breathe normally again and relax, when you need to relax)

Inspiration (The opportunity to find new ways and new ideas)

More time for the important thing (Need I say it? Your closest one!)

Achieve your goals (Creates euphoria and desire to set new goals)

Better drive forward (You become like a trimmed engine, that can last more, want more and do more)

Try this

Identify your energy thieves (Examples of energy thieves are negative people in your vicinity, too much watched on social media, consumed too much and too fat food, too little sleep, too much TV viewing etc.)


Start on a small scale (Don’t jump into all your projects at once. Choose a project and focus on this)

Organize your chores (Make a list of everything you need to do. Get out the paper and pencil and start writing and writing down everything, without order)

Reduce or stop completely with social media (Check one day how much time you spend on this)

Go to bed on time (Sleep is important for us to have energy and to be able to do what we want to do)

Get up early (Morning time has gold in your mouth, it’s called. Aren’t you a morning person, try at least!)

Exercise continuously (Exercise in moderation provides lots of energy and you can do more.)

Set goals for your chores (It gets a lot more fun when you get to goals)

Plan carefully (Do you plan, then more things tend to be done.

Divide your information into smaller sections. (A house does not need to be cleaned at once or a report does not need to be written on a working day)

Priority (Everything doesn’t have to be done at once. The most important thing first, not the most fun.)




It’s definitely about learning to get better health. There are few shortcuts, but many good tips. Try to be true to yourself so you can conquer the goals you set and feel joy in doing so. That way you don’t have to restart, over and over again. Among other things, this is what takes your energy and takes away the joy of winning.

The crux lies in the fact that you, yourself, have to do everything yourself and start your new journey towards reaching your goals by being more productive and thus getting further and feeling better. All the secret lies in DOING.

Good luck. I know you can. Think carefully about how you want to feel and then take one step at a time. Suddenly you’re there.


Best of wish



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