How to be more productive at life


You want to be more productive, right?

You are probably already productive in some areas. However, you do not notice it in everyday life. You do a good job, but you may want something more. More progress and better anticipation. You may be aware that you can do more than you do from time to time, but everyday life comes between.
You wonder where to start and you may think that it will be too hard and that you will get too much to do.
Being productive and knowing how you are going to be will give you much more time to do other things.
Hang out in the productive world and get more time for something else.

We are not perfect, but we can strive to improve

Before you continue reading, remember that you are already doing very well in life, which will take you forward. If the case is so that you do not like it, then at least be decent to yourself. After all, you’ve already taken the initiative to become more productive by googling and starting to be interested in success. You can’t expect to be more productive overnight.

Start from the end

What results do you want to achieve by becoming more productive? Is there more time you want to do other things? Want to be more efficient at work to get higher pay? Want a happier partner? Want to be more happy with yourself? Do you want to change something else?
Get ready for whatever profit you want and then ask if it’s feasible.
Realize that it takes time to implement new, good habits that make you more effective.
Make a master plan of which parts of your life you want to be more productive in.
Make one to list the tasks you are going to improve on
Break down each task into smaller, edible, parts.
Realize that you have full responsibility for how productive you are.

emty plan
More to do

Changing oneself to a more productive person is much easier if one creates a number of routines, each of which leads to more efficiency.

Write down a typical day. How does it look? What can you change to be able to produce more and become more efficient and thus save time.

Prioritize your time and what you need to achieve to reach your short goals. (Your long-term goal, comes of itself, eventually).

Go outside your comfort zone. Yes, I know it’s a worn-out cliche, but still true.

Follow up along the way

Track your progress every night and write down three new tasks for the next day.

Create a value list with a scale of 1-10, where 1 stands for no progress and 10, which means huge progress.
(This gives you a true and realistic picture of what progress you are making and it shows what you need to improve) Do this every week.

Pay attention to patterns that hinder your success in becoming more productive.

Be true to yourself. Self-deception takes you nowhere.

Ask yourself daily what you have control over and what you do not have control over.


emty plan


Becoming more productive and more proactive can give you exactly the life you want.

You will be happier by performing more and better.

You will, perhaps, stop postponing things.

Other people will experience you as a leader (At least over your own life 😉

You get more time for leisure, exercise, socializing with your family.

You will, if you hold in, get what you want


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