A small part of my own productive thinking

I always try to win time by being as productive as possible, but I don’t stress. I am only productive for certain periods, but once I am productive, I really put in the effort for the short time, I need to do a job or someone whatever it is. I have found a rhythm, which means I get all the important things done and still get time for something else

What do I spend my extra time for

I do more fun things, such as exercising, going out with our kayaks, running, going to the cinema, but I never try to force myself to do these things. If I to watch a movie or read a book, instead I do. It is important that I decide on my extra time, which I have acquired.


My routines

When I have resigned from my job, I obviously have much more time to catch up on everything that needs to be done, but I also had a life before I was 100% available over time. When I worked full time, I did as much as possible early in the morning because then I was most productive. At least that’s how I work.

Our family planned every Sunday what would happen the following week and when this, joint planning was complete, it was easy for me to plan what was my tasks.

Now we have just had a puppy and suddenly we have a baby again. Suddenly I do not really control my time myself, but I have to plan according to the needs of the puppy.

I have realized that just routines make me get more done, postpone less and do my tasks in less time.

Tips for getting more done

Create a good morning routine. Get up early and do errands in places that at other times tend to be crowds at (garbage tips, business etc)

Drink water (lukewarm)

Light the lights in the room, if it is dark.

Have breakfast. No cereals, no nutritional and protein-rich food.

Prioritize your tasks according to what’s most important.

Take breaks, divide your tasks into blocks in an hour or so and take a break and do something else for 5-10 minutes.

Tools to catch up

Set the timer. Work one hour at a time with a task. Cleaning a room (you can do that in an hour)

Compete against yourself. (Think you should clean a room in the next hour. Then you can try to beat that time, the next time you clean that room. Just think about the quality 😉

Present your clothes the night before.

Prepare as much of your breakfast as possible the night before.

Get yourself a calendar and a to-do list. Make sure you have only one of each. Problems arise if there are data in several places.

Don’t do it

not snooze.

Do not open either a computer or a mobile phone, the first thing you do when you wake up.

Do not sit down with coffee and the morning newspaper, when you get out of bed down in the kitchen or where you usually sit. Move as much as possible.

Multitask not. Decide to do one thing until it’s done, before tackling the next task.

What a day in my life looks like

I get up at 5pm because that’s when the puppy wakes up and wants to go out and pink. When we come in again I drink coffee and the puppy usually falls asleep for a while (they sleep 18-20 hours a day !? Then I take the opportunity to exercise. I run a pass with push-ups, chins, squats and sit up. It takes a 15- 20 minutes.

After the shower, I have breakfast and then sit down at my computer and look through the mail and information I have in front of me that day. I also go through my calendar one week back and one week ahead so as not to lose anything. It takes another 15-20 minutes.

Since I am a self-employed entrepreneur and work a lot from home, (I work as a consultant in commerce and also work with internet marketing) I decide almost entirely over my working hours, so until lunch I work consistently with my two companies.

The lunch often consists of something simple and I do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to get something in me. I take an hour for lunch and take the time to rest the puppy and relax for a while.

After lunch I work actively for 4 workouts per hour and in between I rest the dog.

My wife works in healthcare, so she has a lot of irregular times, so my planning may look different, depending on how she works. Some days I get more done in the morning and other times I work mostly in the evening. That is why it is so important for us to plan weekly.

If I have worked on my tasks during the day, I usually stop at 5 am and then have the whole evening on me to do what If I, unless I also have the task to cook dinner, but that is no problem. We had planned this and I knew what to do.

Even though my wife works this evening, I don’t work all night just for that. Maybe I stay until 7 am and then relax.

I also usually reflect for a while in the evening about what I have done during the day and take a look at tomorrow’s tasks. Sometimes I get to reorganize or prioritize differently, but when it’s done I have full control again.

I usually go to bed at 10am and I do it every day of the week, but some exceptions.

How has this affected me

Since I started planning my life and not living in neither past nor future, I have got much more done. I do not forget my tasks and I feel satisfied with myself when the evening comes. I can also calmly wait for tomorrow, as I already know what to do the next day. I’ve been given more time to do things, which I think are more fun to do than to clean, for example, and if truth be told, then I think it’s fun to clean, nowadays, than I did before putting productivity in front room.

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